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Section 1:  Summary

Greetings all.  If you are looking for how we conduct business in the Football Pool then you have come to the right place.  This document lays out the guidelines, a polite term for rules and regulations, concerning the format of the Football Pool, submission of picks, remittance for season tickets and other a sundry items.  Of course I am always available to answer any specific questions by email, , but by chance you might save some time and future carpal tunnel syndrome, these guidelines might solve your dilemma.

Section 2:  History

We will be conducting our 19th season in 2014 and each year have grown in participation, winnings and sophistication.  In the early days the pool was quite small, some 10-15 participants, and close knit.  Picks were actually filled out on paper and tracked using MS Excel.  Errors frequently reared their ugly head but were easily found with such a small set of picks. Enthusiasm for the pool grew and by the next season had grown to 20-25 players.  It also grew in complexity and Excel and paper couldn't cut the mustard anymore.  We moved to a combination of emailing picks and a handful of paper tickets were still being used.  It became obvious that a spreadsheet could no longer keep up with maintaining valid data so we began using a database, MS Access.  The third year saw most of the participants shuffling off to all parts of the country thus a complete switch to emailing picks.  The database continued to be refined handling an average of 30 participants each week and generating more user-friendly results.  We then ushered in the Internet stage for the Football Pool.

Section 3:  New Business

This year we continue in the internet stage for the Football Pool.  Most all business is conducted through the website, from submitting picks to reviewing results and standings.  In moving to the Internet we are able to allow  participants to more easily view weekly results and standings at their leisure.  More importantly, access to sending picks is now virtually unlimited:  any computer, anywhere with Internet access removing the dependency and fickleness of email.  It also improves the timeliness of results each week by having the picks entered by the user, as well as improving the pick's validity by removing all opportunities for the Commish to enter picks incorrectly into the database.  The website continues to grow and improve and has proven itself quite reliable the last decade.

Section 4:  Rules and Regulations

  1. The season will cover all weeks of the NCAA season and the NFL season, up to the NFL playoffs.  This has traditionally been 17 or 18 weeks.
  2. Each week will consist of 13 games (6 NCAA, 6 NFL and Monday Night - with tie breaker points).  Final ratio of NCAA to NFL games may vary week to week.
    Two standard exceptions:  1.  The first week of the season the NCAA's begin before the NFL.  Thus all 13 games will be NCAA games.  2.  The final 3-5 weeks of the season the NFL continues without the NCAAs.  Thus all 13 games will be NFL games.
  3. Tie break points will only be used if similar records result following all 13 games.  Closest points to the total on the tie break game, irregardless of over or under, will win the Tie Break.  In the event of a tie for points difference, the winnings will be split evenly.
  4. Each week the new games will be posted sometime on Tuesday.  The picks can be submitted in one of two fashions:

    a)  The weekly card (weeklycard.html) will contain all 13 games for the week.  It is generally due by Noon each Saturday.

    b)  A Saturday and Sunday card can be submitted each week.  The Saturday card (saturdaycard.html) will contain only the Saturday games and is generally due by Noon on Saturday.  The Sunday card (sundaycard.html) will contain the Sunday and Monday night games.  It is gernerally due by 1PM on Sunday.

  5. After successful submission you should see a screen containing your picks.  You can use this for your record and this form will be automatically emailed to me.  If an error occurs during submission and you do not see your picks, you can email me your picks using the email card (emailweeklypicks.html).  Simply copy and paste the card into email and mark your picks appropriately.  
  6. Changes to picks are permitted, provided they are sent, via email, prior to kickoff for the particular game.  These should be kept to a minimum.
  7. NO SPREAD will be used for this football pool.  Each week the games are hand picked based upon rivalry or closeness in the spread.  Note:  In ten years we haven't had a perfect week utilizing this format. 
  8. Two pools will run concurrently:  Weekly and Cumulative.
  9. The Weekly pool permits the participant to compete for that week's stake with no requirement to participate further.  Play all weeks, every other week or just a handful (of course maximum participation is highly encouraged).
  10. The Cumulative pool tests the REAL football fan's knowledge, insight and stamina.  Included in the cumulative pool is competing for the weekly stake.  It also encompasses competing for a piece of the season's stake.  It requires ALL weeks to be played.  If a week is missed by a cumulative participant, their picks will default to ZHome, but they cannot win the weekly pot.  At season's end, the top three overall records will split the cumulative pot (1st-%50, 2nd-%30, 3rd-%20), thus far around $500.  This figure is based on the number of cumulative participants competing, i.e. the more players, the higher the stakes.
  11. The ZHOME rule, implemented a few years back, pertains to missing weekly picks.  The ZHome default rule is only a safety net for those experiencing difficulty submitting picks.  If a participant fails to submit their picks, they will default to ZHome's record that week.  This prevents the cumulative player from falling out of contention with a 0 win week.
    However, it was never meant as an assisting strategy in lieu of complete participation.  The implemention for multiple weeks missed is a "diminishing returns" ZHome rule.  The first week missed by a player will receive the full ZHome results.  The second week missing picks and requiring ZHome will receive ZHome picks with one extra loss.  The third week missing picks will receive ZHome picks with two extra losses.  So on an so forth. 
  12. Refunds can only be given, with prior notice given to the Commsih, for forfeiture of partial seasons; i.e. not participating in half of the season.
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